JALDAAN- A social initiative by AQUAGUARD

Water-borne diseases claim millions of casualties in India every year because a majority of the population cannot afford water purifiers. Eureka Forbes mobilized mass participation by coaxing the ‘haves’ to share clean, healthy water with the ‘have-nots.’ This kicked off ‘Jaldaan’: The ‘gift of water’ movement. The campaign was driven through digital. The disruptive thought of ‘5 litre sehatmand paani pilao, tandurust bharat banao’ resonated in the video of a child engaging in an act of good. It became a viral sensation, overnight.

The initiative is making a real difference to several thousand lives, every day. A classic case of how a small act can bring about a big change. Eureka Forbes donated Rs. 10, along with generous contributions from people from all quarters. To date, 3231258 have pledged to Jaldaan and 79 community and school water purification projects have been executed from the contributions received. Eureka Forbes and Triton struck gold at PMAA Dragons Asia and DMA Asia Awards for this tour de force. The juggernaut rolls on.

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