YES Bank

India bole YES!

We were given a clean slate and the first thing we wrote on it was the name. YES. Simple yet powerful, a 3-lettered word that means the world. A word that opens eyes and minds the minute it’s pronounced.

YES BANK was the start of something big. We focused on expertise that made the corporate banking customer, feel at ease. We fashioned disruptive ideas that made banking easier, efficient, and personal. Like India’s 1st ‘Green Direct Mailer’ that’s recycled every year, thanks to its overwhelming popularity. The mailer, a money plant epitomized growth and prosperity. When YES BANK forayed into the Retail space, we zeroed in on the insight that ‘all life-changing moments begin with a YES’. Built on ‘YES’, the campaign created a warm, friendly image for the bank. We united the willingness of ‘yes’ with the mental make-up of the country and what emerged was an exuberant and inspired ‘INDIA BOLE YES’ rallying cry that represented the New India.

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