Thoda aur chalega!

We, Indians love our fatty, greasy foods. But with growing health concerns, the guilt trip sets in and we surrender our indulgences to watching others gorging on our favorites on the same table. So, we decided to bring something new to the same table.

Fortune owned ‘guilt-free’ eating. ‘Double- De-waxing’ made the oil, lighter. ‘Thoda aur chalega’ brought back the guilt to the table as they munched on their old favorites, again. As Sunflower Oils became dearer, we noticed a rise in the Soyabean category and partnered the client in seizing this opportunity of introducing an alternative to Sunflower. Fortune Soyabean Oil was launched with the ‘Panch ka ashirwad’ TV ad that catapulted it to No. 1 position in both categories, Soyabean and Consumer packed Oil within 24 months of launch. Completely unheard of in the FMCG category!