Aah se aaha tak

We acquired Moov when it was part of the multi-purpose family. Selling just 2.2 lac tubes a month. It was a real tight squeeze. We nosed around and discovered that 80% of all body aches were applicable to the back and women were the majority afflicted.

We repositioned Moov from ‘an all purpose cream’ to ‘backache specialist’. The slogan ‘Aah se aaha tak’ played on lips like a national chant. Iodex was the market leader but even the most zealous loyalists admitted to its lack of warmth and presence of black stains. Moov cashed in by introducing a non-staining cream. It then echoed the sentiments of the Indian housewife through the ‘Rama ki aah’ television spot by giving her a definitive voice as Moov became her ally that helped her give her best for her family. ‘Aapke ghar main kaun rehta hai? Kamardard ya Moov?’ put Moov on an untouchable pedestal. It evolved into a leading brand.